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If you are currently an Audi owner, chances are you know exactly why you love your Audi, from the way it takes that one curve by your house to the fact you know it’s always going to look good, no matter where you go.

If you aren’t already an Audi owner, there are tons of reasons to consider it. Audi is one of the world’s most popular luxury brands. Audis aren’t for everyone, but they might be for you.

Here are our Top 10 Reasons to Own an Audi:

  1. Timeless style

Audis don’t age much. If you put a 2005 Audi sedan next to a 2015 one, you’d never guess that they were 10 years apart, yet the 2015 model is still capable of competing with all the other flashy sedans in its market. So when you invest in an Audi, you’ll be sure to get great use out of it for years to come, without ever worrying about if it’s in style or not.

2. The interior

The inside of an Audi has become well-known for being stylish and comfortable, almost like you’re sitting in your favorite chair in your living room. When you sit in an Audi, the layout is not only comfortable, but intuitive. The controls and buttons are right where you want them.

3. Technology

The technology in Audi’s fleets over the years have consistently been ahead of the curve. And not only do they have the most advanced technology available, but most of it comes standard, unlike in most cars on the road.

4. Something for everyone

Audi’s fleet includes a wide array of vehicles, with something that’s sure to please every type of driver. From the sporty R8 Spyder convertible to the sturdy and spacious Q7 SUV, Audi produces top quality vehicles across the board.

5. Electric frontrunner

Not only has Audi made waves in the gasoline car market, but they are also a leader in electric movement as well. The 2016 A3 Sportback e-tron is already available for purchase and several other models are also being positioned to get an electric upgrade.

6. Over 100 years of experience

Audi’s parent company was founded July 16, 1909. For 106 years, they have been designing and manufacturing vehicles that customers trust and keep coming back to. Wouldn’t you rather trust someone that’s been around for over a century?

7. They make race cars that endure

In addition to making vehicles for the upscale consumer, Audi has also made a name for itself in the racing world. Its endurance racers have dominated Le Mans for more than a decade. If those Audis can withstand a 24-hour endurance race, you’re in great hands.

8. They get the ultimate road test

Those in charge of designing cars to withstand a 24-hour race get to see just what their cars can do, more than cars that don’t have that test ahead of them. New technologies and features are put under incredible stress during racing, stress that is undoubtedly more than the average car will experience in its lifetime. So that knowledge and experience gets put back into the car you drive everyday to and from work.

9. Celebrities love them

When celebs get carted around from place to place, it’s not uncommon to see them stepping out of or into a blacked-out Audi. When they are shopping around for their newest car, their options are practically endless, but many tend to go with what they’ve had a great experience in – enter Audi.

10. It’s good enough for Iron Man

Last but not least, the Audi R8 was Tony Stark’s car of choice in the 2008 movie, “Iron Man 3.” Tony Stark’s character is a very smart man with great taste, and we couldn’t agree with his impeccable car choice more.

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