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Audi’s Turbo Direct-Injection (TDI) engines were engineered to deliver lower fuel consumption, reductions in carbon-dioxide emissions and more torque. First proving itself in motorsports endurance competition with reliability and power, the TDI has become a major attraction and has reached the status of best-selling clean diesel option for premium car buyers.

TDI engines heat high-sulfur diesel fuel to over 600 degrees in order to help separate the pollutant from the fuel. This makes the difference between old-fashioned dirty, smell diesel engines and today’s ultra-low-sulfur diesel TDI engines.

These differences between traditional gasoline and TDI diesel engines equal increased fuel economy for drivers. TDI clean diesel engines provide up to 30 percent better fuel economy than regular gasoline engines. This also gives drivers up to 150 extra miles per tank of gas. Plus, Audi and many third parties have recently demonstrated that U.S. government mileage estimates for TDI vehicles significantly understate how far the vehicles will travel on a single tank of gas.

Over the last 5 years, clean-diesel vehicles have been on the rise in the U.S. market. Audi of America has been more integral than any other brand for the increasing acceptance of alternative energy. Although nearly every car manufacturer offers a fully electric automobile, American car buyers have failed to really get behind the movement.

Beginning in the late 2000s, the advances in clean-diesel led by Audi TDI helped to remove some stigma surrounding diesel powertrains. In 2009, Audi began offering a TDI option for the A3 Sportback and Q7 SUV models. In 2010, Audi began to heavily promote clean-diesel with a major campaign that included lobbying in Washington, D.C. and a Super Bowl TV advertisement. Soon after, 20 percent of American buyers opted for the TDI versions of those vehicles. From 2010 to 2013, overall clean-diesel car registrations rose by 30 percent in the U.S. market.

Since that time, more TDI options have been made available in the Audi lineup. They now include:

2016 A3

2016 A6

2016 A7

2016 A8 L

2016 Q5

2015 Q7

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