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Buying a pre-owned car can be a scary process. Buyers usually have a lot of questions and a lot of fears when purchasing a car that has been owned by someone else before them. It’s hard to know exactly what a car has been through and what kinds of problems are lurking under the hood or even what problems have yet to show themselves.

That’s why automakers have created a third segment in the condition category, right between “new” and “used” – it’s called “Certified Pre-Owned” and it means you no longer have to fear the unknown.

Audi Certified Pre-Owned vehicles must pass a rigorous 300+ point inspection by the service department at the dealership. Nothing is overlooked so you can rest easy. Though many manufacturers have a CPO program, no other manufacturer has such a thorough and rigorous inspection process.

The Audi CPO checklist contains all of the inspection points that are checked for qualification into the Audi CPO program. In fact, if the answer is “no” to any of the first several questions, a vehicle cannot be enrolled in the program.

After that, every button is checked and even more cosmetic details (such as cupholders and ashtrays) are assessed.

When you purchase an Audi CPO vehicle, you receive the checklist from the dealership showing the state of every bell and whistle on your vehicle and sign the document to state that you understand that you are purchasing a CPO vehicle.

All Audi CPO vehicles also come with a 6-year/100k miles limited warranty. All of this in addition to getting the best deal available because although these cars aren’t new, they run just as they should.

In addition to the warranty, Audi also offers a Roadside Assistance program and also makes transferring the CPO warranty to a subsequent owner (such as a child).

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